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Sunday, July 20, 2014

52 Ancestors #28: Monica Remondini, almost an ancestor

     Monica Remondini was my great grandfather, Frank Stefani's, fiancee when he left Sporminore, Austria then, for America. Here is her story as far as I know it plus quite a bit of speculation on my part!

     She was born Cunegonda Monica Remondini on 2 Feb 1869 in Sporminore, then Sudtirol, Austria. I never heard of the name Cunegonda and she didn't seem to use it but it appears in her baptismal record. Her parents were Giovanni Remondini and Teresa Gabrielli.

      According to the family story she and Francesco Stefani (Frank Stefani) were engaged to be married before he left for America.  Frank came to America in May of 1885 or 1886. After arriving in America he wrote to Monica and told her that he was releasing her from the engagement because he had been so sick the entire boat trip to America that he couldn't face doing it two more times(once to go back and get her and once to bring her back to America). Her picture was found in the drawer of the night stand next to his bed after he died. He also had a handkerchief embroidered with her initials.

     This is rather romantic so, naturally, I researched her. I found that she married Frank's cousin, Guilio Wegher, on 14 Apr 1888. Guilio was the son of Frank's mother's brother. Monica and Guilio had 8 children, none of whom were named either Francesco or Giovanni. Recently, when my sister and I visited Sporminore,

 we found Monica's gravestone which said that she died in 1931. These are the facts.

     Here is my speculation.  Monica was quite beautiful as seen in her photos. Perhaps the prettiest girl in town of her age.  Guilio and Francesco may have been rivals for her hand. Or simply Guilio was in love with her himself and took the opportunity to snap her up when Francesco bowed out and may well have already been romancing her while Francesco was gone.  To me Monica could simply have said, "no problem, Frank, I'll come to you!" The fact that she didn't suggests that Guilio was already on the scene. So, that is my speculation on it. I don't suppose we'll ever know!

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