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Friday, April 10, 2015

52 Ancestors Year 2 #16: James Bartlett Hudson

     James Bartlett Hudson was the son of Benjamin Lester Hudson and his second wife, after the death of his first wife, Mary Yuiel.  I don't know much about him but I am writing this because it shows the importance of finding someone in all Censuses and looking at all possible records.  Last week I wrote a blog about Benjamin Lester and I said his second wife was Mary Roberts and they had a son, Bartlett Hudson.  After I wrote my blog I noticed a leaf on Ancestry for Bartlett Hudson.  t was his marriage certificate in 1925 which gave his parents as Benjamin Lester Hudson and Mary Halliot.  I also found a marriage record for Benjamin Lester and Elizabeth Roberts for 1890.  In the 1900 Census we find Benjamin , Elizabeth and Bartlett Hudson.  I had assumed the family data, that he had married Mary Roberts, just was in error as to her first name.  But it appears that the family data had combined the names of the two women and come with Mary Roberts.  I have never found Benjamin in the 1880 Census.  His children by Mary Yuiel are either living in a logging camp or with his sister.  Now I find Mary Hudson and James B. Hudson living in Coshocton, Ohio in 1880.  She is listed as married, no sign of Ben.  She must have died before 1890 when he married Elizabeth Roberts.  Looking further we discover the divorce record of Ben and Elizabeth in 1905. He filed, the pending record says for desertion but the final decree ways "Extreme Cruelty".  I can only conclude that the death of his wife, Mary Yuiel, was very unsettling to Ben.  He farms out his children, remarries but to some degree deserts her.  Second wife dies, he takes their son but remarries. Then he divorces wife #3.  I know that my Great Grandfather, Benjamin Melvin Hudson, was estranged from his father because he felt abandoned after his mother died.  They did eventually reconcile.  I haven't been able to find any more on the two wives or James Bartlett.  But it shows what you could miss if you don't look at every possible record!

     I should note what I do know about James Bartlett Hudson. He was born in July 1878 according to the 1900 US Census. (According to his marriage license he was born 22 Aug 1875.). He married Louise Schwalen nee Kolb (or got the license) on 29 May 1925 in Toole County , Montana.  They were living in Sweetgrass, Montana at the time.  The pictures here are of Sweetgrass. I haven't found him later than this.  I did find a Louise Hudson living in Los Angeles as a widow in the 1930 Census.

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