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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Walter and Bessie Peterson, a Photo Essay

     Having just written about my grandparents, Walter Leonard Peterson and Elizabeth "Bessie" Hudson Peterson, I notice that I have many photos of them together through the years. So I thought it would be nice to do a photo essay showing them as they grew old together.

     This is the only photo I have of Bessie before she met Walter, she is around 14 here I think.
     And here is Walter's High School Graduation photo:
Walter and Bessie's wedding photo 17 Aug 1917.
Walter and Bessie and their first son, Wally, in 1918.
Walter, Bessie and family: Wally, Betty and Jack, 1924
Walter, Bessie, Wally, Betty, Jack and Bessie's sisters ca 1927

Walter and Bessie, 1928
Walter, Betty, Bessie and Jack, ca 1930
Wally, Betty, Walter, Bessie and Jack ca 1936

Bessie and Walter ca 1935
Walter and Bessie ca 1939
Walter and Bessie ca 1940
Walter Bessie and Grace about 1940

Walter and Bessie also around 1940
Walter and Bessie with Edith and Luke Kells about 1942

Walter and Bessie 1943
Walter, Bessie and Walter's brother and sisters, Aug 1945

Walter and Bessie 1947
Walter, Bessie, Wally, Betty and Jack, June 1947
Wally, Jill, Rick, Bessie and Walter, 1948
Bessie and Walter at Mt. Rushmore, ca 1950

Walter, Bessie and Jack ca 1956
Walter and Bessie 1959
Walter and Bessie 1964
Walter, Bessie, Ruby and John ca 1965
Walter and Bessie, Aug 1966
Walter, Bessie, Margaret, Wendy and Rhonda June 1967
Walter, Bessie, Jill, Rick, Margaret and Rhonda 1966
Walter and Bessie, 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1967
Walter and Bessie, July 1968
Walter and Bessie, ca 1969
Walter and Bessie, 1970
Walter, Bessie and Alma ca 1970
Walter, Bessie, Alma and Grace ca 1970

Walter and Bessie, 1971
Walter, Bessie, Betty, Jack and Rhonda 1971
Walter and Bessie 1974
Walter and Bessie, 57th Wedding Anniversary, 1974
Walter and Bessie, Athens, 1974
Walter, Bessie and Wally 1974

Walter and Bessie, 1975
Walter, Bessie, Grace, Alma, Michael, and Jill Apr 1976
Walter and Bessie, 60th Anniversary, Aug 1977
Walter and Bessie, Aug 1977
Walter, Bessie and Jack, 1979
Walter and Bessie, 1979

To Walter and Bessie for all the love that was and is and will ever be!

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  1. What a wonderful collection of photos of a great life together! Thanks very much for putting it together, Wendy.