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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Search for Daniel Noyes Cookson #3: Linneus and Finding Sabina and Adelbert Cookson

    Most of Daniel Noyes Cookson's family seem to have been in Linneus, Aroostook, Maine around 1839-1840. His oldest son, Daniel, is enumerated in the 1840 Census in New Limerick which shares a border with Linneus.  His second child, daughter Lucy Ann Townsend, had her first child in Linneus in 1839 (William Calvin Townsend born 30 Mar 1839 in Linneus according to Find a Grave). She and her husband are not in the 1840 Census, though, and her second child is noted as born in New Brunswick in the 1850 Census. New Brunswick is about 5 miles from Linneus. Daniel's youngest son, Calvin Gray Cookson, is found in the Army enlistment records in 1839 to fight in the Aroostook War. He enlisted at Houlton, Maine, which is 8.35 miles from Linneus. He also married Mary Ann Dow around this time. I believe that both of them are living with her father, John Dow, in 1840 in New Limerick as enumerated in the Census. The only child who is missing from Linneus in the time period is the third child, Gardiner Cookson who is listed in Unity, Maine in the 2840 Census. Because of this I feel that I should concentrate on this area.
 Aroostook County Towns Map
Linneus, Maine
     In my search I found that Family Search has a record of births and marriages for Linneus online.  No deaths, though. I went through these and found the marriage and children of Daniel Cookson (the son) and his children's marriages and some of their children's births.  Also one of David Corliss' sons had a marriage and some births listed. No Dow, though. I didn't find anything on my direct line but I did discover two new relatives.  One was a birth record for Sabina Cookson, born 6 Jun 1829 to Daniel Cookson and Maria. I had never seen her listed as a child of theirs before. The interesting thing is that Daniel and Maria were married on Aug 10, 1834. Daniel was 8 and Maria was 20 in 1829. I have seen several other trees with Daniel and Maria on them and none had Sabina. I think she is missing because she is not in the 1850 Census. If you check out the ages she is with them in the 1840 Census, she would have been 11, there is one female 10-14 listed in the Census for Daniel Cookson. there are several Sabinas in the 1850 Census in Maine, a couple of them are young married women, one of those is probably her. And then I noticed that both of her younger sisters named a daughter Sabina! I figure that Daniel and Maria just had to wait for a preacher to come by to get married.

     As I continued to read the record I found Adelbert Rigin Cookson born 23 Nov 1859 to Lusinda Cookson, no father named. Lusinda is Daniel's daughter, she was 20 in 1859.  In the 1860 census we find Adelbert with Lusinda in Daniel's family.  By 1870 Lucinda had married and we find Adelbert in the family of her and her husband, Simon Carpenter and he is listed as Adelbert Carpenter.  In all later Censuses he is listed as Cookson. He lived in Aroostook County and died there in 1950. There are men named Rigin or variations in Maine in the 1860 Census but none in Linneus. Not exactly on the subject I am trying to search but interesting and it could come in handy to know all this.


  1. Thanks for the map. I didn't realize it was so far north in Maine, but by New Brunswick and Quebec is up there!

    I didn't know we had an Adelbert in the family. That name has certainly gone out of fashion.

  2. Very interesting information. Daniel Noyes Cookson is my 5th great-grandfather. My line flows down from Gardner