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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Family Love Stories # 7: Jess and Angelina

     Angelina Bonino was born on the first of January 1888 in Coal City,  Illinois, the daughter of Rosa Tinetti and Louis (Luigi) Bonino.  She was named after her mother's sister, Angelina Tinetti. She is said to have looked like her Aunt and to have been as beautiful as her Aunt as well.  The family moved to Coalgate, Oklahoma in 1892. Here she grew up and met Jess Angelo Flor.  Jess was born on 6 Mar 1866 in Arsio, a community of Brez in Val di Non, Tyrol, Austria.  This is now part of Italy and the people there spoke Italian then as well as now. Jess came to the U.S. in 1903 and eventually came to Phillips, Oklahoma to work for his brother as a butcher.

     How Jess and Angelina met is not known but hey did. They were married on 19 September 1909 in Coalgate.  According to The Coal County History Book # 1, Jess and Angelina were voted "Best looking Couple" in the County Fair! Their son Louis Jess Flor was born 5 July 1910 and a second son, James Angelo Flor, was born 6 Nov 1912. At this point though, tragedy struck.  Angelina had complications from childbirth and she died on 14 Nov 1912 at age 24. A grieving Jess gave his sons to his wife's parents to raise and he never remarried. Jess died 22 years later on 28 Jul 1934 at age 47. He was buried next to her in the Coalgate, Oaklahoma cemetery.

     From them we see that physical beauty ends but the beauty of love lives forever.
 Angelina Tinetti, Rosa, Louis, Angelina and Mary Bonino about 1891
 Angie and her sister, Pearl ca 1900
 Jess and Angelina wedding 1909
 Angelina close up
 Labelled "Cousin Angie" about 1910"
 Jess close up
 Angelina and Louis about 1911
Gravestone of Angelina and Jess Flor

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  1. The pictures certainly show a lovely young woman. It's great that their children (I assume) made sure they were buried together.