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Friday, October 2, 2015

52 Ancestors Year 2 #41: Maria Magdalena Pastore

     Maria Magdalena Pastore was the wife of Giuseppe Tinetti who I wrote about recently-he's the man who may have lived for a time in Monaco as a baker.  As his wife, Maria would have lived there, too. Maria was unique in that she died on her birthday.

     Maria Magdalena Pastore was born on 21 Oct 1790 in San Martino Canavese, Torino, Italy.  She was the oldest daughter of Bartolomeo Pastore and Giovanna Motto.  She married Giuseppe Tinetti on 11 Feb 1805 in San Martino.  They had at least seven children, probably more, their youngest son, my 2X great grandfather, Giovanni Tinetti, being born in 1825.  The family moved to San Giovanni around 1810 where most of their children. Possibly they lived in Monaco from 1825 to 1848, after which they returned to San Giovanni.  After 1855 and before Oct 1865, Giuseppe died.  Maria apparently moved in with her youngest son, Giovanni, as she was living with him when she died on 21 Oct 1865.  Her death record says she was 81 but it looks like she was actually 75 years old.

     We have no photos of Maria but we do have photos of the towns she lived in: San Martino, San Giovanni and Vallia, Torre Canavese.  They are pretty towns at the foot of the Alps. She probably ate cherries from the Cherry tree that still stands in the back of the Tinetti house in Vallia.


  1. Interesting! Whether 81 or 75, that was pretty old for those days! Good for Maria!

    What are the records you're showing? Are they church records or civil ones?

  2. The birth and marriage records are San Martino Church records, the Death Record is from the Torre Canavese Civil Records